Rob Green

The Universe placed Rob in Owen Sound, Ontario. Although his formative years rang with the sounds of local country music, Rob’s early musical influences also included Motown, Gospel, Folk-rock and Rock and Roll. Rob took piano lessons, and in High School became so fluent on the Tuba that he won a scholarship. With this money he bought his first guitar "a Harmony Sovereign"… ’Jumbo’ While playing guitar at coffee houses, churches and school functions, Rob was introduced to Bruce Cockburn. This not only changed his style of playing, but also his philosophy. Rob has also made appearances on Cable TV in Brampton and was part of the Host of other acts appearing On the Just Plain Folks North American Tour in the summer of 2005.

“Starting out again after so many years away from the music scene is somewhat different and yet surprisingly similar to the days of London, Ontario’s, Smale’s Pace, Mariposa on Toronto Island and the early days of Summerfolk in Owen Sound. "Faces change, people come, people go and yet the music remains constant, focused and full of integrity and innocence of some person relating to another, their thoughts and feelings…from the heart"